Butte-Silver Bow Invites Applicants for Resilient Butte Planning Committee

Community Partnership Seeks to Boost Green Energy and Climate Preparedness


Butte, MT— Butte-Silver Bow Chief Executive J.P. Gallagher, along with partners at the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) and Montana Technological University, are inviting residents to help develop a community Sustainability, Health, and Resilience Plan (Butte SHARP). The plan will serve as a blueprint for economic development tied to green energy and a stronger local food system while helping the community prepare for climate disruptions such as drought, wildfire, and heat waves.

Gallagher said that city staff will work with a citizen steering committee and local businesses to develop the sustainability, health, and resilience plan, which will be incorporated into the BSB Comprehensive Plan and updates to zoning guidelines.

Butte-Silver Bow residents interested in serving on the steering committee should send an email or letter of interest to Jim Kambich, BSB Chief of Staff, jkambich@bsb.mt.gov, 155 W Granite Street, Butte, MT 59701. Steering Committee members will be selected by partners in the Resilient Butte project, including J.P. Gallagher at BSB, Les Cook at Montana Tech, and Steve Thompson at NCAT.

For those interested in specific topics, Gallagher also invited residents to participate in working groups focused on green energy and climate adaptation. The green energy committee will look at strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as solar energy development, innovative energy storage systems, and energy efficient homes and commercial buildings.

“There are going to be opportunities to boost our economy through new energy development, and Butte is well situated to benefit,” said Butte-Silver Bow Chief Executive J.P. Gallagher. “But we need to do this in a way that works best for our community, and that means planning ahead.”

The climate adaptation committee will focus on ways to minimize risks related to more volatile weather events and climate disruptions, which could include protection of municipal watersheds and water supply, stabilizing restoration of contaminated properties, redevelopment of brownfields, and safeguarding public health.

NCAT will coordinate community participation and educational programs, said Executive Director Steve Thompson. “NCAT provides technical assistance across the nation to develop practical solutions in support of community sustainability, regenerative agriculture, and clean energy. We have offices in 10 states, but Butte has been our headquarters for 46 years. We look forward to supporting our hometown through the Resilient Butte project.” 

To get involved in one of the working groups focused on local climate solutions, please contact Rylie Yaeger at NCAT: ryliey@ncat.org, 406-533-6644.

The public also can get involved by completing an online community survey to share your experiences, prioritize issues of concern, and identify economic development opportunities. Access the survey through the project website at www.ResilientButte.org.

Montana Tech Chancellor Les Cook said the university will provide technical expertise to the project. “Montana Tech appreciates the opportunity to partner with Butte-Silver Bow, NCAT and our community to support a healthy and prosperous future,” said Chancellor Les Cook. “There are issues that we need to address, and there are new opportunities that we would be wise to consider.”