Resilient Butte

Butte-Silver Bow, the National Center for Appropriate Technology, and Montana Technological University are partnering to develop a community resilience plan aimed at boosting local business development, growing green energy, and protecting our community and its natural resources from the impacts of a changing climate.

Together, creating a resilient Butte means we’re preparing for a bright future. A resilient Butte means we have the tools to weather the economic, health, and environmental impacts of climate disruption.

This plan will have two dimensions: climate adaptation and green energy economic development planning. To complement Butte-Silver Bow’s comprehensive plan and upcoming zoning plan updates, we will address issues specific to Butte with solutions created by our community for our community.

Butte-Silver Bow residents are key to creating a resilient Butte. Join the conversation as we:

  • Protect public health
  • Grow green energy
  • Safeguard natural resources
  • Preserve critical watersheds
Mountain bikers near Butte

Protect Public Health

Grow Green Energy

Safeguard Natural Resources

Preserve Watersheds

What is community resilience?

The Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Initiative defines resilience as, “The capacity of individuals, communities, and systems to survive, adapt, and grow amidst stressors and shocks.”

Planning for community resilience includes preparing for climate-related disruptions and large-scale weather events, reducing a community’s energy demand and growing green energy resources, and strengthening community networks.

Montana Folk Festival, Butte