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By: Andrew Mades, VISTA Volunteer

The National Center for Appropriate Technology is partnering with Montana Campus Compact (MTCC) to create a MTCC VISTA “Resilience Cohort.” This cohort will consist of AmeriCorps VISTA members serving in rural communities around Montana, building capacity for anti-poverty and education initiatives through the lens of local resilience. NCAT will continue to host a VISTA in support of the Resilient Butte initiative, plus a second VISTA member who will coordinate the various programs and grow the Resilience Cohort project.

Resilience in this instance refers to the ability of a community at the city, county, tribal, or regional level, to withstand shocks and plan for the future, and adapt to and mitigate climate change. The climate crisis is most acutely felt at the local level, and among disadvantaged groups. Using the Montana Department of Commerce’s Montana Resilience Framework as a guide, Resilience Cohort members will meet communities where they are, holding community conversations around climate disruption, local challenges, and local solutions.

MTCC is currently recruiting for five positions to begin at the start of the next service term, August 15, 2022. Each position is based in a small, rural Montana community. Cities include Havre on the Canadian border, Livingston just north of Yellowstone National Park, Red Lodge located south of Billings Polson on Flathead Lake and the Flathead Indian Reservation near Glacier National Park, and Poplar, on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in the northeast of the state.

Havre: Opportunity Link seeks systemic solutions to reduce poverty and help the communities of Northcentral Montana achieve and sustain independence, prosperity and a better way of life. As an AmeriCorps member you will collaborate with Aaniiih Nakoda College and Stone Child College, staff and community members on the Rocky Boy and Fort Belknap Indian Reservations to research and develop materials to offer a series of trainings designed to increase the capacity of current and potential local food growers to create an economically successful business through their agricultural activities. Apply Today!

Livingston: The Park County Environmental Council works with the community to safeguard the land, water, wildlife, and people of Yellowstone’s Northern gateway through grassroots organizing and community advocacy. As an AmeriCorps member you will perform a needs assessment of the community and identify solutions for the most pressing threats posed by a changing climate (wildfires, droughts, agricultural impact, tourism impact, community mental health, etc.). Based on this assessment, you will develop a Park County Community Resilience Plan based upon the model of the Montana Resilience Framework. Apply Today!

Polson: Since 1958, the mission of Flathead Lakers has been to protect clean water, healthy ecosystems, and a lasting quality of life in the Flathead watershed. As an AmeriCorps member, you will assess the greatest needs in the region’s low-income communities related to climate resilience, such as the increased risk of wildfire and flooding posed by climate change. Based on this assessment, you will develop strategic outreach and communication plans to promote landscape and community resilience in the Flathead Watershed. Apply Today!

Poplar: The Office of Environmental Protection for the Fort Peck Tribes works to provide a better world for tomorrow by conserving the natural resources of the Fort Peck Reservation. As an AmeriCorps member, you will help to establish a climate resilience plan for the Tribes by community assessment activities and researching preparedness strategies. The resilience plan will enable communities to better respond to the impacts of climate change and to be better prepared for environmental disasters and environmental system shocks. Apply Today!

Red Lodge: The Planning and Zoning Division of the City of Red Lodge administers the city’s growth management program. As an AmeriCorps member you will serve at City Hall under the supervision of the city’s Planning Director in close partnership with the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation to perform an assessment of the Mountain Springs Villa low-income housing area. You will evaluate options to improve green infrastructure and engage in fundraising activities to implement identified infrastructure improvements. Apply Today!

For more information about AmeriCorps, the VISTA program, MTCC, or any of the service positions listed above please visit https://mtcompact.org/. Other service positions, in addition to those listed above, can be found here.

For more information about the Resilience Cohort, please write to amades@ncat.org.