Your Voice Matters

Resilient Butte’s Community Survey and Gathering

The Resilient Butte Project—the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT), Montana Tech, and Butte-Silver Bow County’s latest effort to create a bright future in Butte—is finally off the ground! And we need YOU, the vibrant community of Butte, to share this journey with us.

“Through Resilient Butte, we are addressing issues specific to our area with solutions driven by the community. Keep an eye out for Resilient Butte around town – we want to hear your voice to shape the future of a resilient Butte,” says Megan Terry, Resilient Butte Consultant and Landscape Architect with Water and Environmental Technologies (WET).

Resilient Butte launched its community survey last month at the Montana Folk Festival, and we’re excited about the response so far. Still, we want to ensure that every voice is heard. Your survey participation will help us to gain valuable insights into perspectives, concerns, and ideas for addressing climate change in our city.

Mark your calendars for September 6 and join us at the Butte Brewery (465 E. Galena St.) for our FIRST community gathering! Have a beer, a slice of pizza, and learn more about the Resilient Butte Project. At the gathering, we’ll provide information about our Sustainability, Health, and Resilience Plan (SHARP), a roadmap towards a brighter future for Butte. Here’s the best part: your voice and stories can become a part of this plan. Share a brief anecdote about how climate change has impacted your life in Butte-Silver Bow County, and we’ll write it into the plan.

Butte is a special place. Many of us cherish our bright summer mornings where the sky isn’t filled with smoke. We appreciate our clean Butte water. We love our recreational opportunities—from hiking Maud S. Canyon to ice skating at the High Altitude. We all share the dream that our children’s children will experience the same joys—or even greater ones! This project means a lot to us, and we hope it means a lot to the people we serve too.

The community’s voice should shape SHARP. Access our survey here, follow us on Facebook, and meet us at the Butte Brewery on September 6.