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Resilient Butte: Request for Proposals: Seeking Planning Consultant

The Resilient Butte Steering Committee is seeking a project planner to work with the committee in developing a climate solutions plan for Butte-Silver Bow. The committee has issued a Request for Proposals for a planning consultant, available…
Butte, Montana

Resilient Butte: Request for Qualification Announcement

The Resilient Butte Partnership is seeking an individual, business, or organization to assist a project steering committee in developing a community climate solutions plan that will prepare the community for climate-related disruptions, safeguard…
Uptown Butte, Courtesy Montana Department of CommerceUptown Butte, Courtesy Montana Department of Commerce

Resilient Butte: Beijing to Butte, Montana 

By: Rylie Yaeger, VISTA Volunteer When I lived in Beijing, people would always ask me how the pollution was. I told them two things: the Communist Party planted trees to stop sandstorms from entering the capital. Second, they also moved factories…
Livingston, MontanaTracy Hunter, Flickr Creative Commons

NCAT, Montana Campus Compact Create 5 ‘Resilience Cohort’ Positions

By: Andrew Mades, VISTA Volunteer The National Center for Appropriate Technology is partnering with Montana Campus Compact (MTCC) to create a MTCC VISTA “Resilience Cohort.” This cohort will consist of AmeriCorps VISTA members serving…
Livingston, MontanaTracy Hunter, Flickr Creative Commons

Earth Day Goes Virtual

As we celebrate Earth Day 2020, the Earth looks and feels quite different than it normally does. This year marks the 50th celebration of Earth Day and the COVID-19 pandemic, has drastically impacted our physical, social, and economic worlds. Even so, people are banding together and finding a "new normal," -- one that demonstrates resilience. We can still pursue our projects and initiatives, though; we just need to do it differently. And, at least for now, our communication must be virtual.